Colin’s Stealth Skoda Fabia vRS

Every once in a while a car causes you to stop and take a second look.

Whether it be a loud paintjob, madly cambered wheels or a huge ICE install there are certain features that each one of us is inherently drawn to. When I first saw Colin’s car I didn’t know exactly what had invoked my ‘second look’ instinct – I just knew I had to find out more.

The first thing you notice about the car is the 17″ Octavia Spyders, which have been painted Ford Sea Grey.  This sets the stealthy tone of the entire car – which is all about the subtle but effective details.  In order to achieve the car’s aggressive stance, Colin went for V-Maxx coilovers – allowing him to go low while maintaing comfort for his daily driver.

At first glance you would easily be forgiven for being distracted by the wheels and miss the 312mm brake upgrade at the front and 256mm upgrade at the rear.  This guarantees that if the car needs to, it can stop as quickly as it can go.

Performance is boosted with a Seat PD160 intake, Green cotton panel filter and a remap to make it all work together and squeeze as much performance from the TDI engine as possible.

Other subtle changes include facelift tail lights, colour coded grille and a Leon Cupra front splitter.

Colin clearly pushed the boat out with the interior, cleverly carrying the dark theme throughout.  A full Seat Surgeons retrim in black leather with red piping and green stitching carry the classic vRS colors into the cabin while maintaining the stealth look.  The interior of this Fabia sets it a level above the rest and is testament to Colin’s exquisite taste.

While writing this it suddenly clicked into place, the reason this car catches your eye is all those subtle changes marrying together and creating a stunning overall package.  Colin has approached the project with a fresh attitude and has produced one of the meanest vRS Fabia’s on the road – we are looking forward to seeing where Colin, and the car, go next!


Modifications & Specs



17″ Octavia Spyders painted Ford Sea Grey

Leon Cupra Front Splitter

Pressed Plates

Medium Tinted Rear Windows

Facelift Tail Lights



Colour Coded Front Grille



V-Maxx Coilovers

312mm Grooved and Vented Front Discs

256mm Grooved and Vented Rear Discs



Seat Surgeons Retrim in Black Leather with Red Piping and Green Stitching (inc. door cards)

vRS Embossed Floor Mats

Uprated front speakers




Green Cotton Panel Filter

Seat Sport Strut Brace

PD160 Intake

Photos: Andy Murray

Words: Ross Hompstead

Location: Donaghadee