GTINI Castlewellan 2014

Every year, without fail, the GTINI show at Castlewellan manages to score some sunshine.  Throughout the week we watched the weather forecast with fear while it consistently predicted torrential rain for Saturday the 6th July.

Waking up on Saturday morning we were greeted with rays of sunshine splitting the skies.  The sun remained like this with the exception of a couple of light showers that weren’t enough to dampen the mood.

The day provided an impressive display cars coupled with their ever enthusiastic owners.  After the light showers, dedicated owners rushed to dry their pride and joy and get it looking top class again.

It was refreshing to see a wider selection of non VAG cars in attendance – all invited specifically to attend the show.  GTINI have added an extra dimension by doing this, which serves to broaden the horizons of the show.

The car limbo was entertainment in itself as the crowds watched as many people as physically possible fit into each vehicle with the aim of getting under the lowest bar possible!  Ronan took the most people in the car crown this year, managing to fit 20 people into his Vento!

As ever, the atmosphere throughout the day was easy and laid back with the same energy that ensures we keep going back, year after year.  The guys at GTINI put a massive amount of effort into these shows and it really is apparent on the days, we owe them a big thanks for the time and effort invested in all the shows they put on!

Enjoy the gallery and we will see you at Titanic Dubs!

Words & Photos: Ross Hompstead

Location: Castlewellan, Northern Ireland