NBOC Cultra Meet

Once a year a glorious day comes around. A day to celebrate and appreciate all things vintage. I am, of course, talking about my birthday and this year to celebrate the occasion, I wanted nothing more than to attend the NBOC meet.  So, it was armed with one camera, multiple memory cards and a very excited wife (a fan of all things aircooled) I headed towards Cultra.

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum was an excellent setting to facilitate the relaxed, family-friendly meet. Gathering under the shade of a decommissioned Topsail Schooner Ship on a warm summer’s day was certainly a unique selling point!

Walking down the hill we were greeting with a concave display of T4′s organised by the guys over at VW T4 Forum (http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/) Irish Section.  All of the vans were totally original and really told a story about their owners as well as how they are going to be used.  We were struck at how the same model can look so vastly different, of course this is the reason we all love these VWs.

As we continued around the corner we were welcomed by a number of other Campers including 3 split screens, one bay window and a few T25′s.  Of course, no NBOC show would be complete without a Beetle and they were certainly well represented with the stunning examples on display.  A beautiful VW Madison added to the variety and rounded up a great display.

Although spoilt for choice, our car of the show was the white over grey split screen with its beautiful maroon interior trim coupled with the classic wooden interior.  Everything about the bus just worked together seamlessly!

Whilst walking through the dynamic array of aircooled classics and more modern waterpumpers it soon became evident that this was not your usual run of the mill meet.  In fact, this felt distinctly like a group of friends meeting for a laugh and catch up – not a traditional car show.  It was great to see kids having a kick around, portable BBQs in full force and a few excitable dogs, just happy to be included in the action!

In our opinion, NBOC have got it just right, between the quality of cars and the atmosphere that was so effortlessly created by their gathering.  There’s something special about seeing Dub owners from all walks and drives of life kicking back together and enjoying the very passion that unites them.

Photos & Words: Ross & Ruth Hompstead

Location: Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra